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The Active Healthy Kids Wales expert group seek to use data on physical activity to advocate for childrens' right to play, be hooked on sport and dance, learn and achieve and be active and healthy. We are motivated to promote healthy active behaviour and physical literacy in children. Our mission is to produce AHK-Wales Report Cards that provide a clear evidence base on 10 quality indicators related to physical activity that should be used to advocate and influence local, regional and national policies and investments in physical activity for children and young people.

Our rationale is that Wales has the highest prevalence of child overweight in the UK and levels of sedentary behaviour, physical activity and fitness are amongst the worst globally. On the other hand Wales is a policy pioneer in children's play, has an active travel act and prioritises physical literacy as a key part of a child's entitlement in the school curriculum. The AHK-Wales 2016 report card summarises the country's progress and position on children's health related physical activity

  1. Assess the 'State of the Nation' in relation to the levels of physical activity and sedentary behaviour.
  2. Track trends in physical activity and the sedentary behaviour.
  3. Present an international context for physical activity and sedentary behaviour.
  4. Inform policy, strategy, services and professional practice in physical activity and sedentary behaviour.
  5. Identify critical gaps in knowledge related to children's physical activity and sedentary behaviour.
  6. Provide evidence for acvicates of physical activity and health related behaviours.